Our Chairman/President – Darrel K. Zehm

Darrel K. Zehm is dedicated to bringing a mighty harvest of souls throughout the world for the glory of God. He is honored and respected by many Apostolic/Pentecostals across the globe as a modern day Apostle. His views and insights target the modern day revival and upholding the banner of truth in Apostolic Church’s of our day.

Darrel K. Zehm is the General Chairman/President of the Apostolic Family Life Center Inc. [AFLCI]. His desire is to reach men and women of God, help them realize their calling in God and restore those called of God back to their place in Him.

“Who’s the Daddy?”

Rev. Darrel K. Zehm

It has been determined that 99.9% of your DNA is similar to everyone’s genetic makeup. What is uniquely you comes in the fractional difference in how those three billion letters are sequenced in your cells. The U.S. government identifies everyone in our country by the arrangement of a nine-digit social security number. Yet, inside every cell in you is a three-billion-lettered DNA structure that belongs only to you. This code identifies you and continually instructs your cells’ behavior. There has never been a computer program in existence that wasn’t designed, any program, any piece of software or a message given through any language that did not have an intelligent design behind it.

During my early years as a Christian, I thought I believed in Jesus’ love. However, over time I discovered that I had allowed Jesus to be my Savior, but I wouldn’t let Him be my Daddy. It was too risky.

  1. I built a strong tower of protection around my heart to avoid pain, abandonment, and rejection. Therefore, I wouldn’t allow anyone to love me deeply— including Jesus.
  2. Instead, I did all the right “things.” I went to Bible study, sang on the worship team, taught Sunday school, and shared the gospel with others. It was a good thing that Jesus loves me too much to leave me on the performance treadmill.
  3. He allowed a series of difficult circumstances to test my faith, and this revealed an ugly truth lurking deep inside. I believed that Jesus loved me because it was his job description, not because He found anything worthy to love.

This realization and the journey that followed changed my life. When I allowed my Heavenly Daddy’s lavish love into my heart, I finally found the life I was desperately seeking.

I discovered that a person’s belief in God affects every area of life. Every decision made, every relationship, even what they see in the mirror is determined by their view of God.

We will ultimately treat others in exactly the same way we think God treats us.

Our DNA makes us unique. From eye color to voice to height to health, our physical characteristics are determined by the tiny strands of genetic code. We all know that we are governed, in part, by our DNA, even though we’re not aware it’s there.

What about your spiritual DNA?

“In the day that God created man, He made him in the likeness of God. He created them male and female. … And Adam lived 130 years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image” (Gen. 5: 1-3, NKJV).

While no two of us are exactly alike physically, it would appear we have the same spiritual DNA, according to the Scriptures. Like Adam and all of humanity to follow him, the image of God has been passed down.

We have been identified with the blood of Jesus, our God, as it covers and cleanses us, and we understand having righteousness by faith alone. But can we imagine the untold significance of having our Father’s DNA?

I no longer merely confess that I am the righteousness of Christ. I realize that with His DNA in me through His blood, I could be nothing else. I realize the attributes of His DNA reside in me—whether dormant or active.

No longer do I see the fruit of the Spirit as something we “will” by self-effort or following the law. Rather, I see that in my DNA, God has already placed genes of love, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. They are waiting to be activated by the power of the Holy Ghost in me.

Yet some attributes may never come forth without faith, revelation, timing, obedience or humility. Should I choose not to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost, I can easily miss out on the benefits of having supernatural DNA.

For me, it is one thing to believe that faith “is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb. 11:1).

 Satan’s DNA

Satan and his devils have bodies that are different from ours, yet close enough in nature to mate and produce offspring. Our Bible mentions that they polluted humans and even the animals. Satan tries to involve and destroy mankind in his own desperate quest for eternal life.

The origin of this plot to annihilate us began in heaven! A mutiny against the Goodness of the Most High God, who insisted the Kingdom be built upon love and grace was contested by Heaven’s own worship leader, Lucifer. He saw things differently. He wanted control and to take the kingdom away from God. Lucifer was determined to ascend to the throne of the Most High God. He thought He would declare his independence and gain immortality without God.

The fallen angels might have been known as the watchers. It’s possible they may have originally been assigned guardianship of the humans, but from the moment they rebelled, they sought for a way to undo the relationship between a daddy and His children. They wanted revenge. They wanted to destroy the dignity of these children, who had been made in the image of the daddy they despised.

These watchers created a plan to crush daddy’s sons and daughters and make Him watch while it happened! They would destroy the power of love by corrupting His children into believing that their daddy’s love was conditional. They would convince the innocent children that they were unworthy of love. They convinced them to believe they had come from monkeys. They pointed out all bad things that humans were doing and that they would never be good enough to receive forgiveness or love from daddy.

They came in unto them and the women conceived. The new offspring had mixed DNA. They were now part human and part fallen angel. The earth was filled with violence. The world had turned into an epic horror movie. Daddy was angry. To protect His children from complete destruction, he declared that they would only live 500 years.

Many of them ended up killing themselves. The flood washed away the remnant with the corrupt DNA. Only Noah was left found righteous in his generations. He was the only one who carried the true strands of human DNA. With him, daddy started the human race again.

Since that time, Satan has worked night and day to deceive us with lies and bind us into serving him through confusion and false promises. Satan wants us to surrender our power to him, so he can accomplish his agenda.

Many deny it is even happening today. Fantasy and escapes help children of daddy look the other way as Satan, the enemy, hater of daddy’s children, works tirelessly to accomplish his agenda. Daddy’s children’s institutions and nations and governments and homes become infiltrated with death and wickedness. Corruption and despair and injustice are simply accepted as a normal way of life.

Satan’s two basic goals are to separate daddy’s children and overthrow Him. Through deception and discouragement, Satan weakens the bravest of daddy’s children. Through lies, Satan works to steal daddy’s children’s lives and destroy any destiny. Satan uses daddy’s children for his own personal vendetta to disgrace daddy and to justify himself as our “real” daddy.

Satan uses daddy’s children’s vulnerability to have them assume guilt. Satan used them as human shields to protect himself from the wrath of daddy and his own annihilation. Satan uses all that daddy had given them as the very brick and mortar to build an everlasting monument to himself. Satan was relentless to justify himself and establish his kingdom rule on earth, all through daddy’s children.

Satan does not want to die. Satan never admits he is wrong. Satan’s pride would rather perish forever at his own hand than humble himself to repentance. Satan was determined to live forever on daddy’s earth, along with his demons in a “happily ever after” demonically corrupted family paradise.

It is quite clear that all Satan ever wanted was to be our daddy. He wanted to be worshiped and have a kingdom. Satan wanted to be the savior and rewarder of those who seek him. Although anything he grants daddy’s children are always what’s best for him and are only to bribe daddy’s children into submission. Satan buys daddy’s children with things and casts them off with disdain.

Satan has used both force and seduction and brutality and bribery. All of which remains pillars of his kingdom. Satan has initiated his rule of pain and injustice to create chaos and distrust among daddy’s children, which separate them in their attempts to help each other and rest in the love of daddy.

The love for daddy is not found among his children and rarely taught. The ways of daddy are considered strange. Daddy died for his children, but it’s only considered of little significance and only a “story”.  Satan is trying to purge and purify our family home of any remembrance of our daddy’s love. Daddy’s children are fighting against one another, the love of daddy is gone.

Satan is doing everything he can to remove everything that is human, daddy’s children, who were made in the image of their daddy and carry their daddy’s DNA. Satan is attempting a second time to alter daddy’s children’s DNA through science this time. By crossing kinds he hopes to generate a new, soulless, biological vessel, trans-human beings, though they look like daddy’s children, they become suitable habitation and fit extensions in which his demons and evils spirit can dwell.


Daddy took six days to create the world. Satan has been working for six thousand years to destroy it. The good news is on the seventh day Daddy rested. We are nearing end of this journey and preparing to embrace the completion of the promise our daddy made to us in the garden. The head of the Serpent is to be crushed! The kingdoms of our daddy, Jesus Christ, shall rule forever and ever.

Jesus’ (God) DNA

Do I believe I am loved by God?

As a child, one or both of your earthly parents might have been abusive, absent, controlling, demanding, or overly critical of you. You had difficult time seeing your Heavenly Father as attentive or loving. Here is God’s view, “For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior; Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you,” Read Isaiah 43:3-4

Do I believe God delights in me?

What does God see when He looks at you? Did you know that you make him smile and sing? It’s true. “The Lord your God takes great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing,” Read Zephaniah 3:17.

He enjoys looking at you so much that that He has engraved your image upon his hand, “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands,” Read Isaiah 49:16a

Do I believe God will never stop loving me?

Feeling love or not doesn’t determine whether you are loved. “I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love!” Read Jeremiah 31:3

You have value and are loveable because God says so. Period. Even when God does not like your poor choices, and He allows you to suffer a consequence, He will not stop loving you. For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever and his faithfulness continues to each generation, Read Psalm 100:5

Do I believe my value is determined by the price God paid for me?

What do you think you are worth? How would you determine your ransom? Your value is not determined by what other people think of you, but rather by the price tag God paid to purchase you. He gave his own life. All because He believes you are worth saving. This is love…that he loved us and sent himself as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Read I John 4:10

Do I believe God is faithful and will not abandon me?

People often reject and wound us every day.  That’s why it’s easy to assume God will do the same. But God explains that He doesn’t love us in the same manner as people. He even fills in the gap when those who are supposed to love us unconditionally walk away. “My father and mother walked out and left me, but God took me in,” Read Psalm 27:10

When we embrace our Heavenly Daddy’s love it fills us with dignity, peace and purpose. When a person doesn’t know the Heavenly Papa, he or she will look to a: spouse, job, child, possession, drug, church or anything else to fill the void. But He is the only source capable to completely love our soul and fill our every longing. Trust Him.

We have endured and through daddy’s divine protection and assistance, He has brought us to victory. His promises are true. We are His. The ordeal is almost over and we can see the light in the window. We are almost home. We have been thrust in the midst of the war between Jesus and Satan. Though many have considered the future of the family of God, few understand Satan’s end game in this spiritual battle.

We are the blood bought prize, delivered by our daddy from the grip of Satan. Daddy is good. Daddy is love. Daddy kept all of His promises to never leave us or forsake us, no matter how terrible it gets.